Sha Davis CEO Of The Certified SD Collection

She Built Her Hair Care Line In 2017 Due To Having A Chronic Illness Known As Crohns Disease! Warrior Of 9 Major Surgeries and Removal Of The Entire Colon and Rectum, Living With A Permanent Colostomy Bag! A Mother of 3, Fiancé, Entrepreneur, Traveling Hair Stylist, Dreads On Drip Tour, Published Author of Her First Book Called Crohns by Sha Davis, and Continuing To Live With A Non-Curable Invisible Disease Called Crohns Disease. Sha Is A Lead Speaker Of Crohns Support Groups, Boss Brunches, and Teen Events, Adopting Families In Crisis, And Continously Giving Back To The Community In Any Way She Can. Sha Believes She Has Set The Tone And Bar High, That Excuses Are Not A Option! After A Life Changing Health Condition Tried To Claim Her Life She Decided Not To Let Anything Hold Her Back. “I Am Leaving My Legacy and Brand To My Kids, The Certified SD Collection”. She Is A Hair Stylist By Day and Educates Her Clients and Others On Healthy Natural Hair As Well As Natural Locs and Healthy Skin! She Has A Complete Hair Care Line That Works Wonders For Your Hair And Skin Which Includes Products Such As, #1 Selling Edge Control, Hair Oils, Shampoo and Conditioner, Beard Oil, Detox Hair Bombs For Locs, Curling Cream, and much more. She Has Worked Very Hard To Keep Her Hair Care Line With Natural Ingredients As Well As Offering Ingredients That Are Needed To Give You The Best Results When Working With Bigger Bulks Of Products and Stores! Sha Continues To Grow Her Brand With The Support Of Her Shoppers That Continue To Shop And Spread The Word About Their Favorite Product! Sha Do Not Claim To Satisfy Everyone Needs But Understands Everything Don’t Work For Everybody! “ I’m Here And Will Continue To Be Here And Grow My Brand For The Ones Who Love The Brand and The Products! Thank You For Your Continued Support Certified by Sha Davis